Cream Butter Coffee Mug - Percy living
Cream Butter Coffee Mug - Percy living
Cream Butter Coffee Mug - Percy living
Cream Butter Coffee Mug - Percy living

Cream Butter Coffee Mug

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Discover the Butter Coffee Mug, a charmingly simple yet elegantly crafted ceramic mug that infuses your morning routine with a touch of beauty. Measuring 11.8*9cm with an 8cm caliber, this ceramic mug is made by skilled craftsmen, ensuring that each piece reflects a distinctive handmade touch. We meticulously inspect every mug to ensure they are of the highest quality and meet our customers' expectations.

  1. Elegant Simplicity: The Butter Coffee Mug embodies the perfect balance of simplicity and elegance. Its creamy hue exudes a calm, warm feel that adds a dash of sophistication to your coffee breaks.

  2. High-quality Ceramic Material: Crafted from superior quality ceramic, this mug promises durability and retains heat well. Enjoy your hot coffee or tea at a leisurely pace, knowing your drink stays warm in this fine ceramic mug.

  3. Handmade Excellence: Every Butter Coffee Mug is handmade by skilled artisans, which means each piece carries unique traits. From the smooth ceramic surface to the minute details, every feature reflects exceptional craftsmanship.

  4. Perfect Size: The Butter Coffee Mug measures 11.8*9cm with an 8cm caliber, making it the perfect size for your coffee, tea, or your favorite hot beverage. Enjoy the perfect sip every time!

  5. Versatile Utility: Beyond serving as your go-to coffee mug, the Butter Coffee Mug's sleek design and attractive color make it a great addition to your kitchen display, adding aesthetic value to your home decor.

Experience the joy of owning the Butter Coffee Mug today. Enjoy your hot beverages with style and elegance like never before. Don't miss out - Click 'Buy Now' to add this unique mug to your collection!

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